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    Riserva Aurea

    Riserva Aurea is the line dedicated to the off-trade channel.

    La Bianca

    This beer is brewed by using flakes of barley and wheat with the addition of coriander, pink pepper and orange peel.

    La Chiara

    Blonde like the ears of barley grown in Salento, this craft beer stands out because due to its moderate alcohol content it is easily drinkable.

    La Rossa

    Beer of German origin characterized by
    pronounced malty tones.

    La Ipa

    Inspired by the best India Pale Ale, this beer will surprise you with its scents of flowers.

    La Dorata

    A blonde high fermentation beer with a rich aroma that is given by the barley grown in Salento.


    A rich structured beer, amber-colored, full-bodied and sweet with hints of caramel and roasted malt.