Their names are full simplicity and passion, in full respect of the brewery tradition. Close your eyes and relax. In the fresh foam and the magical tapping ritual you will experience a once-in-a-lifetime emotional journey. Everything starts from the most ancient paths, originally drafted by the first brewers following old techniques, as handed down from one generation to another, and then included in BirraSalento’s warm, beating spirit. Such fusion, pondered with an alchemical precision, was born by joining together the most classical pils, lager and weisse recipes and the modern production process – thus keeping loyal to he past while looking towards at future. The main ingredients of the brewery world gets in the hands of our brewers with no compromise or betrayal, adjusting to their taste, culture, the local raw materials and their genius.


A lager-style, bottom fermented beer with a light golden color. Agricola is characterized by a white, compact head with a round body and a well-balanced bitterness. Following the most typical brewery tradition, the sweet malted flavors are predominant, whereas hops emanate a wide variety of aromas, from the grassy to the flowery ones. It is the perfect choice at all times of the day.


Meat, pasta, pizza.



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