Their names recall the magic atmosphere of the native land, the Salento region, with its ancient sound of tambourines and flushing silks, the sun-dried brick walls and the mysteries of timeless tales. Their authentic taste involves all four senses. It is the result of a detailed and constant research. Beauty leads the eye, the eye leads the hands where the intense smells of Nature arise. The hands caress the edges and curves of Mediterranean scrub. They squeeze leaves, berries and fruits. The scent they produce is invisible, weightless. Their fragrances are the notes that play an unique music. Each single ingredient is carefully selected and analyzed by our researchers throughout a ceaseless process that wants to bring alive the most genuine identity of the territory, whose stories we want to tell in sips. Salento is our starting point for a journey that goes well beyond known geographies.


This top fermented beer is an exclusive tribute to the Salento region. It is characterized by an intense golden color and a persistent head. Its malted flavors are highly balanced by hop, which brings to the nose and taste the yeast flavors. A light beer with chili pepper aroma, it is appetizing and worthy of its own name.


Sushi, fish, pasta, pizza.



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